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Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools

Overview of Supply Chain Network design tools and providers


February, 2024

Checklist: optimizing the CO2 footprint

Use this checklist to find out what you
can do to take control of transport-related CO2

Supply Chain Media

March 2023

Global logistics: The link between technology and productivity

Survey on how businesses can drive productivity within their
operations and the crucial role that technology will play in achieving this.


June 2022

Critical Capabilities for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

Evaluation of RTTVP vendors across a set of critical capabilities and use cases.


June 2022

Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems

Overview of Transport Management Systems and providers


April 2024

The 4 key points to take
full advantage of a TMS

When a company is contemplating investing in a TMS or replacing an existing package, it should
focus on four aspects. This is the way to tackle the main challenges of today and the near future.


June 2023

6th Annual global transportation management benchmark survey

Analysis of transportation management strategies, tactics and technology
that top performers are leveraging to capitalise on market opportunities and adapt to challenges of a constantly evolving supply chain landscape


June 2022

Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms 2022

Analysis and overview of solutions and providers for real time transportation visibility


May 2022

Linking WMS and TMS
for Smoother Operations

How do you scale operations up and down without risking inefficiencies
that threaten the very core of your business?


May 2023

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making

Point of view on opportunities and benefits of data-driven
decision making in


May 2022

Co-creating a sustainable future for the many people

Good examples and inspiration from across the IKEA transport and logistics supply chain


March 2022

Understanding Ocean Freight

28 graphs to help you understand the basics of container and maritime transport logistics


March 2022

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