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How to analyse the network?

Identify and elaborate the network optimisation opportunities

Optimisation of the transportation network often is the most important improvement area as outcome of the opportunity identification to save on transportation costs​. To eleborate the different options to optimise the network and calculate the related savings a detailed analysis of the network is needed.  

Network analysis preparation

  • Agree upon analysis scope and approach  

  • Confirm level of modelling detail required

  • Define data requirements

  • Collect and validate data

  • Enrich and complete data

Network Model

  • Define future state scenarios to model

  • Design baseline model

  • Build & validate baseline network model

  • Select future state scenarios for analysis

Model &
Analyse Options

  • Model future state scenarios; iterate towards optimum 

  • Compare results with the baseline to establish relative attractiveness

Report findings   

  • Select recommended option(s) based upon evaluation of costs, benefits and transition obstacles

  • Assess impact on current network set-up

  • Summarize and document  findings

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