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How to implement the improvement opportunities?

Implementation methodology and approach
  1. Design a road map based on strategic considerations, benefit potential and ease of implementation

  2. Take in account the impact of other projects on transportation

  3. Make sure solutions are proven before implemented on a large scale

  4. Align interests and facilitate collaboration of internal teams and supply chain partners

  5. Manage the people side of change 

  6. Mitigate operational and project related risks 

Implementation vision.jpg




​How to implement transport improvements succesfully:​


Road map creation

Create a road map showing the projects that need to be done to implement the opportunities that have been priorities and realise the business case

Road map.jpg

Project definition

Define the deliverables and prepare an activity plan for each project that will start on a short term based on the general phasing and streams in this type of projects


Kick-off short term projects

Elaborate the opportunity chart and create a project charter  for the projects that will start on a short term 

Project charter.jpg

Prepare project plan

Prepare  a detailed project plan based on information already available (e.g. objectives, scope, approach, deliverables) and elaborate the planning, organisation, risk mitigation, etc.

Project plan.JPG
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