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Why this TRIM collaboration platform?

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The TRIM collaboration platform has been raised by Rob van Doesburg      . The aim of this platform is: 

  • to give shippers access to best practices regarding the improvement of their transportation performance 

  • to support shippers in a structured and efficient way using online sessions to identify, analyse and plan the implementation of improvement opportunities

  • to enable the collaboration of shippers, experts and partners in implementation projects  


How will the TRIM collaboration platform support you?

TRIM expertise

  • Insights gained during numerous global TM improvement projects in manufacturing, retail and logistic service industry

  • Amended with latest TM specific studies of well known research institutes and proprietary research 

  • Knowledge captured in TM specific methodologies, templates, tools and benchmark data

  • Supported by (global) experts in the different areas

TRIM Approach

  • Result oriented: during all activities focus is on expected benefits

  • Digital: use of the latest tools to collect and analyse data, present results and communicate

  • Fast: insights available in a couple of days up to a couple of weeks

TRIM Value

  • Reduction of transportation costs and/or improvement of services  on a short term and with a low effort

  • Decision making based on a concrete business case

  • Identification and support of projects to implement changes needed 

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