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What is your current performance?

As-Is Assessment methodoly


Assessment elements


SC objectives and performance

Current SC/TM objectives and strategy

Current SC/TM performance, maturity and main challenges

assessment a.png

Supply chain and transportation network

SC segmentation/transportation network set-up

Key figures (transport spend and shipments by region, flow and mode)

assessment b.png
assessment c.png

Carrier management

Subcontractors spend and shipments by service, mode and flow

Subcontractors performance

Carrier overview.jpg

TM processes

Operational/tactical/strategic transport management services/processes

Maturity assessment main processes

assessment d.png
assessment d,2.png

TM systems and data

System diagram: ERP, WMS and TMS systems, tools and interfaces

Data availability/quality assessment

assessment e,2.png
assessment e.png

 TM Organisation, people &



Organisational responsibilities (RACI)

assessment f.png
assessment f,2.png
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