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What is needed for best in class transport performance?

  1. A network set-up and carrier base to provide transport services balancing total costs and service levels

  2. Best-in class transport management processes and business rules

  3. Use of a state-of-the art integrated TMS and other tools powered by high quality data

  4. governance model and  capabilities for effective transport planning, execution management and optimisation

  5. Collaboration of internal teams and SC partners to manage and improve the network

What is needed for best in class transport performance?
container trains ,commercial freight car

How to improve your transport performance?


Summary of the set-up and assessment of the current TM performance 

Opportunity identification 

Identification and prioritisation of improvement opportunities 

Network analysis

Analysis of opportunities to reduce cost and/or increase service levels of the transportation network

Business case

Calculation of expected benefits over time in the different areas and implementation costs 

Implementation plan

Structure and prioritize the changes needed and planning of projects on the short term



Manage a (set of) projects in a structured way to implement the improvement opportunities 

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 (facilitated by Rob van Doesburg, see As-Is Assessment and Opportunity identication for more info regarding the content of this session) 

Why and how this TRIM collaboration platform can support you

TRIM expertise

  • Insights gained during numerous global TM improvement projects in manufacturing, retail and logistic service industry

  • Amended with latest TM specific studies of well known research institutes and proprietary research 

  • Knowledge captured in TM specific methodologies, templates, tools and benchmark data

  • Supported by (global) experts in the different areas

TRIM Approach

  • Result oriented: during all activities focus is on expected benefits

  • Digital: use of the latest tools to collect and analyse data, present results and communicate

  • Fast: insights available in a couple of days up to a couple of weeks

TRIM Value

  • Reduction of transportation costs and/or improvement of services  on a short term and with a low effort

  • Decision making based on a concrete business case

  • Identification and support of projects to implement changes needed 

container trains ,commercial freight car

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